Installing Snow Fence Guide

May 3rd

The name of snow fence is not meant to stop snow as it suggests. It is actually built to redirect the piling snow into other area. The main purpose is to reduce the plowing needs significantly. Thus, the roadways are safer for everyone to walk and drive. The installation of the snow fencing will slow down the wind. This if you install it properly. The wind may cause a drift into a pile and this is exactly what the fence is built for.

snow fence design

How to install the fencing in a proper way? The correct site is where you would want to keep the area clear from the snow. The wind blows do matter in determining the installation of snow fence. You can learn from pictures to see more details about the fencing guide.

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When it comes to height, it is recommended to have the fencing installed 35 times away from the road. 140 feet for a 4 foot fencing height will be just sufficient.

Materials are most commonly wood and plastic. If you want to give naturally pleasing to the eyes appearance, wood will be nice. Cheaper prices are from plastic which also available to become interesting alternative. How to install a snow fence can also be learned by checking on gallery of images.