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Best Ways To Preserve Your Laundry

You just bought a new shirt and it looks great on you. You are concerned, though, how it will look after a few pieces of washing. The proper care of clothes can extend their life while keeping you comfortable and looking fantastic. Will you need the best commercial laundry equipment to do this? Your washer and dryer at home will do just fine. Here are a few ideas to follow.

Stain Treater At the Ready

Did you just get coffee on your blouse but have no way to treat it until you get home? The first line of defense to keeping your wardrobe good as new is to carry a stain treater pen with you as you go. In the event of a stain, you can take care of it immediately so it will not set. When you get home be sure to apply more stain treater to it before you toss it in the wash.

Follow the Directions

Take a look at the tag on the garment before you put it in the washer and clean it according to the instructions listed on it. Washing and drying clothes in the right temperature can extend their life and make them look good as new for far longer. Only use as much detergent as directed on the container. You might think that extra soap means extra clean but in reality, it sits in the fabric and wears it out faster. Overloading your appliances also can cause damage to the fabric.

Inside Out

If your garment has a design on it, you might want to flip it inside out to preserve it. Fastening buttons and zippers on clothes keep them from snagging other items while they are in the washer or dryer. Remember to put undies, lingerie, and other delicate items in a mesh bag to keep them from being ruined.