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Going Green: The Essential Landlord’s Guide

When looking at today’s trends among landlords, there is one that is really making an impact in a number of ways, from the design, materials, and concepts being used to create rental units. The push for green buildings has never before been as strong as it is today. Landlords have quickly come to the realization that these green buildings carry less overhead in terms of bills, and it’s also a huge selling feature for tenants who are specifically looking for energy-efficient buildings.

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If you’re a landlord who is looking into going green and aren’t sure where to start, here is an essential guide on all things green.

Choose a Building that Was Built with an Energy Efficient Design

It starts with the building itself, as there are now more and more energy efficient designs being used, especially in the bigger cities across the nation.

Take, for example, these Chicago engineers who are well-known in the industry for their energy-efficient design concepts and practices. Not only are they aware of all the Chicago Building Code regulations, but they are also well aware of just how high the electricity prices are in the city and the ways in which these can be reduced. What this means to landlords is more money in their pockets rather than money spent on the overhead.

Hire an Energy Auditor

Another tip is to have an energy auditor come in and take a close look at the energy-efficiency of your property. They are experts in the field and will be able to identify any areas where your energy efficiency can be improved. After the audit, you can then use these recommendations to make renovations and changes to the building.

Look Into Solar Energy

Solar energy is a technology that has grown and evolved by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Today, it is a very real solution for rental properties that are looking for a way to save money. Not only that but depending on your state, you may even be eligible for a government credit if you install solar energy panels.

Install Energy Star Rated Appliances in All Units

While there will be an initial cost involved with this tip, at the end of the day, switching all appliances to energy-star rated models will result in savings. These appliances are able to use a much smaller amount of energy, maximize it, and still perform the task they are meant to.

Install Programmable Thermostats

Another tip for landlords is to install programmable thermostats in all units of your building. Again, the government may offer rebates for making the switch, so be sure to look into it. These thermostats allow renters to adjust the amount of a/c or heat they are using, which means less energy is being used.

Plenty of Ways to Go About It

The great news is that there are a number of ways that landlords can start to make their building more energy-efficient and green, and each small change will add up.